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The University of Alabama in Huntsville has tapped Rigved Joshi as its new director of the Dorothy S. Davidson Innovation to Invention Center. Joshi, an MBA holder who recently managed new ventures, strategy and innovation at Vanderbilt University, has a wide range of business experience, ranging from venture capital and private equity to startup incubation and intellectual property monetization.


If you've ever emailed sensitive financial material or personal health information, or sent a racy picture to brighten someone's day, chances are Big Brother took a peek. Under an antiquated law concocted years before email became commonplace and decades before the invention of smartphones, law enforcement can snoop on any emails, texts, or instant messages that are more than 180 days old.


Risk averse aviation companies are standing in the way of Britain leading the world in the development of "revolutionary" space planes, an engineer pioneering the technology has told MPs. David Ashford, managing director of the Bristol Spaceplanes company, said space planes were likely to have as big an impact as the steam locomotive, a British invention, did in the 19th century.


John B. Goodenough is a solid-state physicist and professor of mechanical engineering and materials science at The University of Texas at Austin. While he is most famous for identifying and developing the lithium-ion battery, which can be found in just about every portable electronic device on the market, he has recently created a new fast charging solid-state battery that looks to revolutionize the industry.


Pictured at top, the winners of the Madison-Plains Intermediate Invention Convention. From left, Ben Stoughton, Molly Fahy, Aiden Wilhelmy, Cameron Dennehy and Dylan Evans.

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